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traditional-hungarian-disznotoros-with-great-winesTraditional Hungarian „Disznótoros” with great wines Welcome Drink & Aperitif ~ Günzer Tamás Villányi Gyöngyöző Irsai Olivér 2012 ~   Potato...
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great-villany-wine-tasting-in-the-vinopolisGreat Villány wine tasting in Vinopolis Come to our year starter Villány wine tasting and try the greatest wines of Villány.
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austrian-terroir-wine-tasting-in-the-vinopolisAustrian Terroir Wine tasting in the Vinopolis You don’t have to go far, to taste nice, austrian terroir wines.
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chilean-wine-tasting-in-the-vinopolis-south-americaChilean Wine tasting in the Vinopolis - South-America The first grapevines arrived with the conquistadors to the recent territory of Chile.
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we-re-openedWe're Opened The specialty of our restaurant and wine bar on the top of Naphegy is the diverse portfolio of wines including more than 600 Hungarian and...